The Spacetrain shuttle circulates in sustentation on a reversed “T” rail track.

The used air bearing technology favors the reduction of frictions and allows to reach high levels of speed.

Moreover, the maintenance costs as well as the nuisances are limited.


The propulsion is insured thanks to silent induction linear motors, powered by embedded batteries.

Fuel cells and high energy density graphene batteries allow the optimisation of the sustentation and propulsion systems.


The shuttle is equipped with two types of braking.

Brakes in a graphene/carbon alloy surround the vertical rail track to progressively reduce the speed of the technology.

In addition to this, the deceleration can also be obtained through the decline of the shuttle’s sustentation.


Multiple sensors and cameras will ensure the security of passengers along their journey. Conceived as a connected object, the Spacetrain technology will constantly calculate and analyze indexes related to the circulation of the shuttle. In case of an emergency evacuation, the shuttle will deploy slides.


In order to conceive the mode of transport of the future, we rely on innovative technologies that will shape the future : graphene and hydrogen.

Moreover, we associate these features with the use of renewable energies for a sustainable and respectful type of transport.


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