Let’s transform our journeys

Spacetrain is an autonomous shuttle project, circulating in sustentation by air cushions with an average speed of 500km/h, in order to connected metropoles.

Its low development cost would allow to bring high speed technology in the most isolated areas.

Its technology is powered by hydrogen fuel cells to being a zero emission solution of transportation in 2025.

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Inspired by the Aerotrain in the 70’s, Spacetrain technology consists of some of the most powerful components to become tomorrow’s public transport reference.

Its unique energy management system combines speed, comfort and energy efficiency to control all the development and operating costs of the vehicle.

Business opportunities

Spacetrain, thanks to its low cost of development and maintenance would import high speed technology in areas where traditional solutions are note profitable. In France as in the world, many territories need to be opened up to continue their development.

Depending on the market, 3 versions of the Spacetrain technology are available :

  • 60 passengers
  • 140 passengers
  • 250 passengers (double deck)

Our team

Emeuric Gleizes
Chief Executive Officer

Holder of a Master in Business Administration and passionate about the railway sector, Emeuric Gleizes is the initiator of the Spacetrain Project since 2017.

Faouzi Ben Ammar
Electric Development Manager

Responsible for the electric development of the Spacetrain Project, Faouzi Ben Ammar is the writer of a doctoral thesis in electrical engineering and received the academic accreditation in this domain in 2004.

Azgal Abichou
PhD in Mathematics and Automatics

Former Professor and Director of a Mathematical Engineering laboratory, Azgal Abichou directed the Polytechnic School of Tunisia before joining the Spacetrain Project as PhD in Mathematics and Automatic.

Darina Shirchenko
Industrial Designer

Graduated master of industrial design in Saint Petersburg Stiegliz State Academy of Art and Design in 2016, Darina is the source of the Spacetrain design.

Thomas Bernin
Development and Strategy Officer

Graduate by a Communication & Marketing Master, specialized in the innovation development, Thomas Bernin defines and applies the strategy, according to the main objectives.


TRL : Technology Readiness Level

TRL is a reference tool, it allows to locate an innovation project among the different stages of its development.

Meet us

We participate in many events in order to present Spacetrain to a large audience.
Exchange and collaboration are at the heart of the development of our project.

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In order to complete our project, we regularly strengthen our development teams.
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